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nstalling a REDARC BCDC into a vehicle engine bay or canopy is easier than ever with the range of BCDC Wiring Kits. Designed to connect DC to DC charger to the auxiliary and start battery in your vehicle, each kit contains pre-crimped and cut to length cables, fuses, fuse holders and connectors. With a kit to suit most installation types, these universal kits are available in 6 different configurations depending on a mix of the auxiliary battery’s location and maximum current rating.

Featuring REDARC’s trusted battery charging technology, watr, dust and vibration are no match for these DC to DC chargers. For a unit that can handle anything you can throw at it, the BCDC in-vehicle dual battery chargers are the charger for you. Featuring fully sealed electronics and fan-free cooling, water, mud, dust, heat and corrugated roads are no match for the BCDC. Suitable for 12 or 24-volt vehicle systems, REDARC's dual battery chargers work with either standard alternators, variable voltage alternators or smart alternators. 


Suitable for BCDC1220, BCDC1220-IGN and BCDC1225D engine bay installations where the auxiliary battery and start battery are in close proximity in the engine bay (less than 2' apart). 


Suitable for BCDC1220, BCDC1220-IGN and BCDC1225D engine bay installations where the auxiliary battery and start battery are more than 2' and less than 11' apart. Typically at opposite ends of the engine bay.


Suitable for BCDC1220, BCDC1220-IGN and BCDC1225D vehicle rear installations where the auxiliary battery is up to 28' away from the start battery. Typically, located at the opposite end of the vehicle from the engine bay, in the tray of the pickup truck or at the rear of a vehicle. 


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